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Dr. Craig R. McIntyre’s three commercially-used patents demonstrate his approach to problem solving that brings unique, practical, protectable solutions. These patents have contributed millions of dollars of profit and are still in use. Dr. McIntyre provides technical assistance to others for obtaining patents with his most recent success in April 2009.
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M.A. Lake, C.R. McIntyre and P.L. Robinson, U.S. Patent 9,327,423, "Wood Preservatives and Methods for Treating Wood," May 3, 2016.

E.A. Pasek and C.R. McIntyre, U.S. Patent 5,492,681, "Method for Producing Copper Oxide," Feb. 20, 1996. (Corresponding patents worldwide).

C.R. McIntyre and E.A. Pasek, U.S. Patent 4,950,329, "Wood Preservative Composition and Method of Treating Wood with Same," Aug. 21, 1990. (Corresponding patents worldwide).

C.R. McIntyre and D.A. Eakin, U.S. Patent 4,466,998, "Wood Impregnation," Aug. 21, 1984.

R.H. Moult and C.R. McIntyre, U.S. Patent 4,326,669, "Laminated Wooden Railroad Crosstie Having Exposed End-Grain Forming Part of the Load Bearing Surface," Apr. 27, 1982.
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