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Fire Retardant Publications
Since 2005, consultation has been provided in product performance litigation for schools in New Jersey (plywood) and Arkansas (lumber) as well as hospitals and commercial structures in South Carolina (lumber). For litigation support, McIntyre Associates conducts site investigations, reviews appropriate reports, depositions and documents by others and renders reports. McIntyre Associates has also published a number of papers on fire retardant issues including an encyclopedia article and was an active participant in the strength degradation litigation in the early 1990’s.
Representative Reports and Publications on Fire Retardants

Barnes, H.M., J.E. Winandy, C.R. McIntyre and P.D. Jones, 2010, “Laboratory and Field Exposures of FRT Plywood: Part 2—Mechanical Properties”, Wood Fiber Science, 42:30-45.

McIntyre, C.R. and P. Thompson, 2009, “FR Coatings for Structural Use” Proc. Amer. Wood Protect. Assoc. 105:191-193.

Barnes, H.M., J.E. Winandy and C.R. McIntyre, 2008, “Laboratory and Field Exposures of FRT Plywood: Part 1—Physical Test Data,” Internat. Res. Group on Wood Preserv., IRG/WP/08-40426.

Barnes, H.M., J.E. Winandy and C.R. McIntyre, 2009, “Bending Properties from Laboratory and Field Exposures of FRT Plywood,” Proc. Amer. Wood Protect. Assoc. 105:272-276.

McIntyre, C.R., 2003. “Fire—Committee D07 Answers the Alarm,” ASTM Standardization News, June, pp. 36-9.
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McIntyre, C.R., 2004. “Protection of Wood from Fire” in Encyclopedia of Forest Science, eds. J. Burley, J. Evans and J. Youngquist, Academic Press, San Diego, CA Download this publication

Winandy, J.E., S.L. Levan, R.J. Ross, S.P. Hoffman and C.R. McIntyre. 1991. "Thermal Degradation of Fire-Retardant-Treated Plywood: Development and Evaluation of a Test Protocol," Res. Pap. FPL-RP-501, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Forest Service, Forest Products Laboratory, 21 p. Download this publication

Pasek, E.A. and C.R. McIntyre. 1990. "Heat Effects on Fire Retardant-Treated Wood, J. Fire Sci., 8(6):405-20.
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For a complete list of Reports and Publications on Fire Retardants, please refer to a recent copy of the Curriculum Vitae
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