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Utility Pole Publications
McIntyre Associates, LLC has provided expert services in a variety of utility pole cases where typically the issues are personal injury and product performance. Each case is evaluated on its own merits and the result is that both defense and plaintiff positions have been taken. As well, McIntyre Associates has participated in utility conferences for decades and published numerous papers for the utility audience. Dr. Craig R. McIntyre was also the co-inventor of the “CCA-Oil” system that provides softer climbing surfaces for linemen.
Representative Reports and Publications on Utility Poles

Report on Andrew Blood Pole Failure (Personal Injury)

Report on Tyler Bowman Accident (Personal Injury)

Report on Reed Accident (Personal Injury)

Report on Shawanda Williams Accident (Personal Injury)

Report on Cleveland Public Power Pole Inspection (Product Performance)

C.R. McIntyre and E.A. Pasek, U.S. Patent 4,950,329, "Wood Preservative Composition and Method of Treating Wood with Same," Aug. 21, 1990. (Wolman ET – CCA/Oil) (Corresponding patents worldwide).

McIntyre, C.R. and M.H. Freeman, 2010, “Pole Specifications: What Do They Mean?” Proceedings of 2010 Southeast Pole Conference, Memphis, TN, pp. 117-119.

Freeman, M.H. and McIntyre, C.R., 2010, “Copper Naphthenate and Copper Naphthenate Treated Wood – A Review and Update,” Proceedings of 2010 Southeast Pole Conference, Memphis, TN.

McIntyre, C.R. M.H. Freeman and H.M. Barnes, 2007, “What’s New? Pros and Cons of Future Preservative Systems,” Proc. 2007 Southeastern Utility Pole Conference, For. Prod. Soc., Madison, WI, pp. 153-158. Download this publication

Barnes, H.M., G.B. Lindsey, T. Johnson, J. Hill and C.R. McIntyre, 2009, “Barrier Wrap Performance in Hazard Zone 4,” Proc. Amer. Wood Protect. Assoc. 105, in press.

Barnes, H.M., C.R. McIntyre, D.W. Bullock, M.H. Freeman and G. B. Lindsey, 2007, “Penta Analysis: Is XRF Good Enough?” Proc. 2007 Southeastern Utility Pole Conference, For. Prod. Soc., Madison, WI, p. 230.

McIntyre, C.R. 2004. “Chilean Radiata Pine Poles: Treatment and Strength Studies,” Proc. Amer. Wood Pres. Assoc., 100:34-40.

McIntyre, C.R. and M.H. Freeman, 2002. “Copper Naphthenate—An Update On New Trends And Changes In The Last Decade,” Proc. Northeast Pole Conference, Binghamton, NY, October. Download this publication

McIntyre, C.R. and R.F. Fox. 1990. "Update on Wolman ET, A New CCA/OIL Treating System,” Proc. Amer. Wood Pres. Assoc. 86:63-77.

For a complete list of Reports and Publications on Utility Poles, please refer to a recent copy of the Curriculum Vitae
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